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With a passion for photography that spans over a decade, we've been not only capturing our own moments but also creating lasting memories for others. Whether it's crafting professional headshots for your business or documenting the joyous moments at your family and friends' gatherings, we cover a diverse range of photographic needs. However, our true expertise lies in the art of wedding photography. Entrust us to immortalize all the heartwarming and blissful moments of your special day, providing you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.


I'm Adele 

Ever since I got my hands on my first camera, I've been captivated by the art of capturing fleeting moments, driven by the belief that every instant contributes to shaping who we are. I hold a deep appreciation for life's precious nature, and what better way to immortalize these cherished moments than through visual imagery?


My journey as a photographer truly began when I ventured across the globe as a ship's photographer. It was there that I honed my skills in capturing the essence of relationships and personalities through candid shots. I found immense joy in unraveling each couple's unique story, documenting the laughter and tears shared between loved ones. I believe in preserving these emotions in time to last a lifetime.


A self-proclaimed Canon enthusiast, I proudly shoot with a mirrorless R6, accompanied by a versatile collection of lenses suited for various occasions. However, my trusty nifty 50mm lens remains my favorite for its exceptional visual effects and ability to produce high-quality images.

Ben Robertson - Photographer

I'm Ben

I am the other half of Bella Luce Photography. From a young age I had an interest in different types of Media and this led me to study Media and Video Games Design.

I started my photography career as a cruise ship photographer working closely with the guests. I quickly moved up the ranks to Photography Manager where I ran a team of keen photographers. Living on a cruise ship for three years meant I captured the world through my camera. Adele and I visited many beautiful counties and met wonderful people from different cultures.

My interests now are portrait, landscape and architecture photography. I love using Canon cameras and my favourite lens is the 85mm Prime. It's an amazing lens for street portraits and ideal for capturing the bride and groom emerging from the church.

I am passionate about photography as it's the perfect medium for expressing myself and capturing the atmosphere of the moment. As they say, a photograph can speak a thousand words!

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