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Celebrating Paige & Rob's West Sussex Wedding | Wedding Photographer Kent

Updated: Apr 15

Photographing Paige and Rob's West Sussex Wedding | Wedding Photographer Kent


Newlywed couple joyfully walks hand in hand through a swirling cloud of pink smoke, celebrating their love and new beginning together.

Autumn Wedding in West Sussex

Paige and Rob added some pink magic to their wedding at Heathfield. As vows were exchanged, the subtle chill in the air couldn't overshadow the warmth radiating from the couple and their gathered loved ones. The intimate gathering shared in the joyous moments, creating memories as vivid and unforgettable as the autumn leaves themselves.

Newlyweds strike a charming pose in front of a classic red London bus, radiating happiness and love on their special day.

West Sussex Wedding Gallery

Following a traditional ceremony at St. Bartholomew's Church, the festivities took a lively turn at Punnetts Town Village Hall. The celebration unfolded with The Bus Bar, where guests enjoyed libations in a unique and festive setting. Adding to the joyous atmosphere, an old-fashioned Mr. Whippy ice cream truck rolled in, offering a delightful treat to sweeten the celebration.

It was a delightful experience capturing the essence of Paige and Rob's love story. From sincere vows to contagious laughter shared among family and friends, every photograph tells a story of this fun and playful couple.