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Wedding Photographer: Your Guide to Getting the Best Photos

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Selecting the right Kent Wedding Photographer is one of the most pivotal decisions for your wedding day. This choice has the power to immortalise those fleeting moments, allowing you to revisit the joy, excitement, and romance for years to come.

We've crafted this in-depth guide to assist you in ensuring the best possible outcomes for your Kent wedding photographs. Drawing upon years of experience as a Kent Wedding Photographer, this guide offers seasoned insights that guarantee an environment conducive to exceptional photography during every pivotal wedding moment.

Morning Preparations: A Prelude to the Big Day

The dawn of your perfect wedding day holds a unique charm: the eager anticipation, the bubbling excitement, and maybe a hint of jitters. This moment is truly one of the most photogenic; many of our cherished shots come from these early hours.

Your choice of prep room can significantly influence the aesthetics of your 'preparation' photos. Opt for a spacious room, if possible, as it provides flexibility, offering a myriad of angles and views.

Positioning is critical when you're setting your hair and applying makeup. Always aim to situate yourself near a window to bask in the natural sunlight rather than being tucked away in a dimly lit, congested space.

A tidy setting makes for better shots, so keep personal items (like lingerie, packaging, luggage and so on) out of sight and ensure beds are neatly made.

Interestingly, even the most camera-ready bride may not look her finest with a curler set and her 'applying mascara' expression. Hence, we tend to capture fewer shots during the early prep stages, directing our focus instead to the concluding details—like the final lipstick touch-up, the adorning of jewellery, and the fitting of ties, footwear, and coats.

We advise setting aside roughly 20 minutes post-getting-ready (once hair and makeup are in place) before heading out for the ceremony. This window is perfect for capturing radiant morning photos. This time encapsulates the thrill and expectancy of what's to come.

And for those dreaming of an adventurous elopement, these could be your final poised moments before the elements have their way with your hairstyle and gown.

The First Glimpse: A Moment to Treasure

Where and how you decide to witness your significant other on the morning of your wedding can be a moment to cherish.

While some duos opt to dress up in tandem, finding beauty in the shared intimacy, others lean towards a separate preparation followed by a poignant 'first glimpse' as they unveil their wedding attire to one another.

For some, tradition beckons, choosing that first glance as both walk down the aisle. Yet, some pairs desire a secluded 'first look' before the ceremony's inception. Such an instance offers a raw, profoundly touching experience, granting a chance to share whispered words without the gaze of an audience.

The Wedding Ceremony: Where Two Become One

Should your entrance involve walking down the aisle, it's beneficial to maintain a significant gap between you and your bridal entourage to ensure your grand debut remains unobstructed! We fervently advocate for an 'unplugged ceremony'.

Encourage your attendees to stow away their cameras and phones, immersing themselves wholly in the sentiments of the moment, genuinely absorbing the heartfelt vows you share.

Images capturing your loved ones, visibly moved by your union, are undeniably touching.

However, an urge to capture this through their devices often results in an array of impassive faces engrossed in screens. As proceedings commence, a gentle reminder from the person officiating to keep gadgets at bay can be effective.

Once the ceremonial rites conclude, they can unleash their inner photographer!

Sealing the Deal: The First Kiss

That initial embrace shared as a married couple is undeniably a pinnacle of every wedding. It's beneficial if the person officiating subtly steps to the side right before heralding this much-anticipated moment.

Such a gesture ensures the wedding photographer in Kent captures an unobstructed, poignant image of your inaugural kiss, devoid of any inadvertent photo-bombing by the celebrant. While many officiants are mindful of this, a gentle reminder, given the unique nuances of your venue, might be prudent.

Group Portraits: Framing the Family

We know a collective photograph is a cherished keepsake for family elders, often gracing their living room showcases. Like many in our field, we're more than prepared to accommodate these requests.

However, our advice is to keep variations of group combinations to no more than six.

Each group pose typically requires about five minutes, including gathering the participants, positioning them appropriately, and capturing multiple shots. It's prudent to factor this into your day's itinerary.

Few couples want to spend over an hour in structured photo sessions when there are joyous moments awaiting elsewhere!

Assigning the responsibility of assembling the desired members for each photo is wise. Perhaps a Best Man or Bridesmaid, someone acquainted with your guest list, can take up this mantle. It's important to note that your Kent Wedding photographers won't be familiar with individuals like Aunt Vera or University Tom!

Once gathered, your photographers will pinpoint an optimal backdrop and proficiently arrange each group. We have a soft spot for what we call the 'spontaneous formals'—instances where everyone's engrossed in conversation, resulting in genuine, candid snapshots.

Couple's Portraits: Capturing Love in Its Purest Form

Two optimal times exist for these shots:

Post-Ceremony Shoot

POST-CEREMONY INTIMACY: We recommend a 15-20 minute window straight after the ceremony. Once you've been enveloped in the warm wishes of your dear ones and perhaps as they indulge in celebratory drinks, this interval is ideal for the two of you to slip away for a serene rendezvous discreetly.

  • Such moments offer couples a cherished interlude from the day's fervour, allowing them to pause, inhale deeply, bask in their fresh 'newlywed' glow, and revel in undisturbed communion.

  • The sheer joy and post-nuptial euphoria vividly reflect on couples at this juncture, making it an exquisite time to encapsulate your genuine, joyous, and deeply connected demeanour— all without the need for structured poses!

Sunset Shoot

SUNSET ROMANCE: A GOLDEN PHOTO OP: Our top pick for passionate couple photos is a 20-minute window during the 'golden hour'—the captivating 60 minutes preceding sunset. This timeframe blesses us with the most tender and complimentary luminescence. It's yet another perfect juncture for both of you to halt and bask in each other's company briefly.

  • To pinpoint the optimal moment for this, utilise Google to determine the sunset time at your chosen venue on your special day, then dial back by 60 minutes. The subsequent half-hour is your sweet spot for those sunset captures.

  • For instance, if sunset is slated for 8:00 p.m., the ideal frame for those evocative images would be between 7:00–and 7:30 p.m. Remember, geographic obstructions like mountains can usher the sunset earlier than expected. If you're scouting the venue a day prior, jot down when the sun bids its adios. Rest assured, we typically investigate such specifics for our couples.

Dining Moments: A Culinary Pause

During the mealtime of your wedding celebration, photographers typically take a hiatus, giving their cameras a short break. Let's be honest; no one looks their most flattering with a forkful of dinner!

Wedding Photographers near me cherish a hearty meal as well! They're constantly on the move, snapping stunning snapshots of your big day, and all that hustle works up an appetite. They might miss a pivotal moment, such as the speeches if they have to depart from the venue to grab a bite. Ideally, serve your photographers before the rest.

Speeches & Dancing: Reveling under the Stars

Contemplating your event's lighting is crucial, especially during the meal and subsequent dancing. If your venue is dimly lit, your photographer might resort to using flash. While flash can infuse energy into dance shots (we'll delve into that shortly), it can overpower and wash out the ambient lighting in other scenarios, like during meals or speeches.

Consider strategic placements of festoon lights, twinkling fairy lights, and candles to craft a warm and inviting ambience, especially encircling your closest loved ones. This assists your photographer in capturing those exquisite, moody evening photos.

Moreover, pay attention to the setting for the speech-givers. A well-illuminated spot with a bit of space behind works wonders. Placing them in a shadowy nook, pressed against a backdrop, will significantly diminish the visual appeal!

First Dance: A Symphony of Movements

Lighting plays a pivotal role during your first dance. Discuss with your venue about the following recommendations:

  • The gold standard of wedding lighting perfectly illuminates you with white or cream spotlights or draped festoon lights.

  • Be cautious with multi-coloured 'disco' lights; they can distort skin tones. If you aim to avoid photos with magenta or turquoise-tinted skin during your first dance, consider reserving these lights for the later part of the event.

We trust this guide explains various aspects of wedding photography, Kent, preparing you for the magical day ahead. If you're still on the hunt for a seasoned wedding photographer, do get in touch. We're eager to bring your vision to life!

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