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9 Tips for the Best Group Wedding Photographs

Weddings are a whirlwind of emotions, cherished moments, and memories in the making. As we delve into nuptial photography, it's no surprise that selecting the right Kent Wedding Photographer can make all the difference.

In an era where a quick online search for Wedding Photographers Near Me yields overwhelming results, it's crucial to understand what makes your special day flow smoothly, especially regarding group photographs.

Drawing upon our vast experience as Kent Wedding Photographers, this guide provides invaluable insights into simplifying the often complex process of group wedding shots.

Whether you're searching for the perfect Wedding Photographer in Kent or simply looking to optimise your Wedding Photography Kent experience, the following nine points will serve as your roadmap.

From the nuances of lighting to the dynamics of group coordination, we aim to equip you with knowledge that goes beyond merely capturing who was present, ensuring that every shot resonates with emotion, storytelling, and timeless charm.

Why Group Photos Matter in Weddings

Documentary-style shots are lovely, capturing candid moments: the emotional tear from a mother, a groom's embarrassed grin during the best man's speech, or a granddad's proud gaze. These unplanned instances create unforgettable memories.

However, the significance of group shots can't be underestimated. Imagine having multiple generations together or all your childhood friends in one frame. Often treasured by older relatives, these photos become staple prints in homes everywhere.

Perfecting the Group Shot Approach

We've covered many weddings and learned the best ways to handle group photos. Want a smooth group photo experience at your wedding? Follow these insights:

1. Limit Your Group Photo Count

Numerous Kent wedding photographers advise that less can be more regarding group shots. Rather than trying to capture every single combination, streamline your list. Focus on those essential groups that genuinely matter. After all, when you're searching for "wedding photographers near me," you're investing in their expertise to capture moments most precious to you. Prioritise those shots that mean the most, and let candid moments fill the gaps.

2. Allocate Sufficient Time for Each Group

One common mistake that Kent wedding photography professionals highlighted is not budgeting enough time for group shots. Larger groups might require more time to organise and position, while smaller groups can be quicker. Remember, every moment on your big day is precious. Rely on a seasoned Kent wedding photographer to guide you on how best to use the allotted time, ensuring each picture radiates perfection.

3. Clearly Define Group Members

When organising groups, it's essential to specify who belongs to each one. This clarity helps wedding photographers avoid confusion and unnecessary delays. Whether it's immediate family, extended family, or friends, being specific about the constituents ensures that no moment is wasted and that the essence of each group is captured beautifully by your chosen wedding photographer in Kent.

4. Designate Helpers for Gathering Groups

Assign a few trusted friends or family members to round up the next group to ensure smooth transitions between shots. Most Kent wedding photographers will attest that this strategy is a lifesaver, speeding up the process immensely. When searching for "wedding photography near me," remember that while photographers capture the moments, the coordination on the ground is equally crucial.

5. Discuss Group Photos with Parents Ahead of Time

Parents often have specific desires regarding wedding photos. Consulting with them before the big day ensures everyone's expectations align. It's not just about booking the best Kent wedding photographers; it's also about ensuring that everyone's desires for the special day are considered and woven seamlessly into the photo shoot schedule.

6. Systematise Your Shot List

The order in which you take photos can significantly influence the flow of your photo session. Professionals in wedding photography in Kent often advise starting with larger groups and gradually working down to smaller, more intimate groups. Organising your list in a way that requires the least movement and reshuffling ensures efficiency.

7. Trust Your Kent Wedding Photographer's Expertise

When searching for "Kent wedding photographers," you're seeking an expert who understands lighting, positioning, and composition. Once you've chosen your photographer, trust their judgment when they suggest a location or rearrange groups. Their primary goal is to ensure that every shot taken looks stunning and timeless.

8. Maintain a Backup List

Seasoned wedding photographers often suggest having a reserve list. This list includes groups or individuals you'd love to have photos with but might not be on the primary list. Whether it's friends from college or distant relatives, having a backup list ensures no cherished moment is missed.

9. Add Movement and Life to Group Photos

Wedding photos needn't be static. Taking cues from the latest trends in wedding photography near me, consider adding movement or playful poses, especially with younger groups like your bridal party. Sometimes, candid and spontaneous shots, taken in the heat of the moment, become the most cherished memories of the day.


Our goal is to ensure this photo session wraps up in 20-25 minutes, leaving you ample time to relish the event and engage with your guests.

If this guide aids in planning your wedding shots, we are delighted! Remember, planning a big event can be daunting, and any questions on perfecting your wedding moments are always welcome.

Explore more insights on our wedding planning tips and blog page, including maximising your reception photos and personalising your wedding experience. If you have any questions regarding your wedding photography in Kent, contact us today!

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Ashleigh Robertson
Ashleigh Robertson
Nov 01, 2023

Great blog post. Very helpful and informative.

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